SDGs Japan Portal interviews Michael Konin Kato

A long-time resident of Japan, Michael Konin Kato is a social entrepreneur and CEO of consultancy Japanese Greats, working with local governments, corporations and everyone in between to advance impactful projects, including reconstruction in the areas affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Disaster.

Tell us about your background.

I am Japanese-American, and I was born and raised in California. My formative years were focussed around a certain type of environmental activism, civil rights matters and many different issues that came to the fore during the 60s and early 70s. I was disillusioned with the Reagan Presidential years, which coincided…

SDGs Japan Portal interviews Satsuki Katayama, Member of the Japanese House of Councilors

Three years have passed since the SDGs came into force on January 1, 2016 and slowly but surely, they are gaining recognition. Meanwhile, new challenges are unfolding and need to be addressed.

In our inaugural interview, SDGs Japan Portal speaks to Satsuki Katayama, who is promoting regional revitalization and gender equality as part of her role as the Minister of State for Special Missions in the fourth Abe cabinet. With such issues on her agenda, you could say that she lives and breathes the SDGs. We wanted to find out more about the significance and effects of these goals.


SDGs Japan Portal interviews playwright Oriza Hirata

Award-winning playwright Oriza Hirata has been immersed in the world of Japanese theater since childhood.

SDGs Japan Portal’s Director Akira Aoyama spoke to multi-award-winning playwright and director, Professor Oriza Hirata, arguably one of preeminent figures in Japanese theater of this past century. Since establishing his Seinendan theater troupe to further explore his pioneering “contemporary colloquial” genre of naturalistic performance in the early 80s, Hirata’s work has been premiered around the world to rousing acclaim. He has been invited on numerous occasions to collaborate not just with leading performing arts houses overseas but also on interdisciplinary projects including a hybrid human and robot comedy piece with the assistance of leading robotics researcher Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro.


An interview with Dr. Jong-I Hu of Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture

Chia-Mei Yang

Dr Jong-I Hu has spearheaded reforms to improve the traceability and safety of produce in Taiwan, tackle food waste as well as create new export markets.

SDGs Japan Portal interviews Tomoyuki Mita, Director at Akashia Okawa nursing home

The Working Mothers project at Akashia Okawa nursing home enables staff to bring their children to their workplace, which has led to unexpected benefits

SDGs Japan Portal interviews Sophie Ibbotson, Uzbekistan’s Tourism Ambassador to the UK and World Bank consultant

The Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

In spite of its historical significance, Central Asia is a region poorly understood beyond its more recent past, having been caught in the crosshairs of Western and Russian rivalry, and subsequently absorbed into the Soviet bloc. While many of these countries continue to be ruled under an iron fist, they have also made significant progress in recent years, and against the expectation of outside observers — though regrettably hampered by the COVID crisis. What is the situation in the region now, what are their priorities for development, and why is it being touted as an up-and-coming destination for adventure travel?

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